About Us

About Dreamcatcher Finance

Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible to reach your financial goals. The roots of our organisation have been planted to help people Australia-wide realise their full potential.We find many applicants who have been declined by others, are approved through us. We also find that many applicants are approved for higher amounts through us. This is achieved by a team of real experts who have worked with the banks and know how to obtain your best finance approval. This way, you save more and stress less.

We understand your point of view as your story is the key to your best financial outcome
Our lending experiences make us adaptable to solve your problems with outside the box solutions
We adapt with the everchanging financial landscape to secure your best loan
Our Roots

The inception of Dreamcatcher Finance came about due to the ever changing financial landscape. Such landscape makes it more difficult to find suitable lending solutions in today’s market.​Working within financial institutions over time, the need for adaptability and diverse solutions was required, but lacking. This led to the creation of Dreamcatcher Finance. We build a team of real experts to solve real problems for as many individuals and businesses alike.

See How We Did It

Property Deposit Shortfall
Client had miscalculated their accessible deposit to purchase property and were running the risk of incurring penalties.
Solution: Property deposit loan was provided within 24-48 hours well before property settlement.
Debt Consolidation
Client was drowning in debt, barely able to make ends meet due to 4 ongoing loan commitments.
Solution: Despite below average credit score, all loans were consolidated into one lower and easier to manage loan.
Doggy Wash Start Up Business
Client required funds for equipment and premise to operate aspiring doggy wash business. As a start-up no financial records were available.
Solution: Equity in property was utilised for the full amount required to kick start the business.
Start Up Truck Finance
Client had operated transportation business for less than 6 months with low equity position available.
Solution: Utilising existing and future contracts, sufficient affordability was shown. Full amount was approved and settled with ease.
24 Hour Classic Car Purchase
Client secured a once in a life time classic vehicle but was declined by 3 lenders beforehand. Seller could only reserve vehicle for client for one more day.
Solution: Client was approved and settled with funds in account within 24 hours. Low credit score was not an issue for us.
Bad Credit Car Loan
Client had been discharged from bankruptcy less than 2 months ago with finance declined for that very reason.
Solution: We supported client by understanding her previous and current circumstances. This led to approval and settlement in a timely manner.

Awards And Recognition

2022 Winner Acquisition International
Worldwide Finance Awards 2022

2022 Winner APAC Insider
Australian Enterprise Awards 2022

2021 Winner Corporate Vision Awards
Small Business Awards 2021
Based on 122 reviews
Holly Watts
Holly Watts
Joel from dream catcher finance was absolutely awesome. Always replying and keeping us in the loop. Such a quick process from start to finish. Thanks a million joel
Carolyn mcNicholas
Carolyn mcNicholas
This is my 2nd time with Dreamcatcher. Again I highly recommend and trust Joel with getting me the best loan that he can. I was pressured when buying my recent car to get dealership finance but I refused and got a better deal with Joel. I’m very happy to go to Joel at dreamcatcher for all of my finance requirements. My experience with Joel from Dreamcatcher was very positive and stress free. Joel is very knowledgeable. He navigated my loan professionally and effectively. He helped me get my dream car. I would recommend Dreamcatcher as your first call for car financing.
Eryne Willie
Eryne Willie
One of the workers named Joel helped me a lot throughout my contract. He was very patient and kept me in the loop. Above all, very good customer service.
Audrey V
Audrey V
From beginning to end communication was exceptional and process was smooth. If you need a second chance, Joel will make it happen. Keep up the great work !
Dj Mackenzie
Dj Mackenzie
Couldn’t recommend Joel and the dreamcatcher team enough. If I could give more stars I would! Joel went more than above and beyond to be the only one/ company to give me the chance to achieve my much needed new car when no one else would. I am so appreciative of him and the team.
Michael Goodman
Michael Goodman
Thank you Joel and Krystina for working tirelessly behind the scenes, without you I don't know where I would find the time to make this possible. For those looking for a Broker, look no further Dreamcatcher Finance will make your Dreams reality. Thanks again Joel been a pleasure working with you.
Casey Blennerhassett
Casey Blennerhassett
I personally dealt with Joel and found him to so helpful and easy to work with. No one likes sharing credit history or providing income information but he made the process one of ease. I would recommend them for anyone and also appreciate the hard work they did to get me (NOT so perfect credit history) approved Thanks
Chloe Meldrum
Chloe Meldrum
Honestly recommend dreamcatcher to anyone and everyone so quick and easy and got approval within 24 hours and a car within 48 hours! Couldn't be more happier thank you again Joel!!!
Zoe Kimberley
Zoe Kimberley
Joel was fantastic to deal with and he made my dreams come true!!