Short Term Bridging Loans

Immediate Funding Solutions For Your Business

  • NO REPAYMENTS during the loan
  • Bad credit history and loan arrears OK
  • Business startups or no financials OK
  • We will happily pay out Tax Debts
Your Credit Score Is NOT Affected Upon Applying

    Only 3 Requirements For Approval

    To have real estate security (Australia or New Zealand)
    To have real estate security (Australia or New Zealand)
    An Exit Strategy (how you will pay the loan back in one hit at the end of the loan term)

    Is A Bridging Loan Suitable For Your Business?

    As long as you can satisfy the 3 points above, we can fund you right away. They are perfect if you plan to refinance your house or other real estate, but can’t wait for 2-3 months for your bank to provide the funds. These loans are perfect if you as a business owner urgently needs funds, but only for a short term of 1 to 6 months. Best of all, you don’t make any repayments or interest payments during the term of the loan.

    Whatever The Need We Can Fund It
    Urgent Injection of Cash
    Borrow for any worthwhile business or commercial investment purpose to ensure your business continues as normal.
    An Advance on a Refinance
    Your bank is refinancing your home but will take 2-3 months. We bridge the gap until your refinance is funded.
    Business About to Fail
    Most lenders won’t fund loans when a business is in this situation, but we can step in to help keep your business afloat.
    Business Opportunity
    A once in a lifetime opportunity comes up, and it’s the first in with the cash who gets it. Funds available by tomorrow.
    Property Purchase in Rescission
    Where you may lose the property and your deposit, we can facilitate funding to finalise the purchase.
    Tax Debts
    We are open to paying ATO debts whereas other lenders tend to close their doors as soon as it becomes apparent.

    All Applications Considered
    For rates and further info, or to get a loan application under way, simply fill out the form and we will be straight back in touch with you.